Saturday, May 4, 2013

Waiting for My Jedi

Buried within the blogs documenting trials of motherhood, chronic illness, and my crazy life, last year on this date, I wrote a blog post  to help my fellow brides navigate marriage to a Star Wars geek. It turned out to be one of my most read blog posts of all times, leading me to believe that people married to Star Wars geeks are in deed looking for a community of support, love, advice, and above all, humor.

And so, on this Star Wars Day, I bring to you my second annual post for all of us --male or female--living life with a Star Wars Fanatic.

Things to Teach Your Kids to Say to Drive Star Wars Fanatics Crazy

- My favorite part was when they melted Hans Solo from the wax.

- I like that pointy eared Spock guy.

- What do you think the O.B stands for in O.B 1?  Maybe he was the first Outstanding Battler or something.

- Darth Mal's costume is way cooler than Darth Vader's.

- Why can't Luke just marry Princess Leah? He really loves her.

- I like the movie with the Ewoks the best.

- I really don't understand why everyone thinks the graphics were so great in the original movies.

- I want to be Jar Jar Binks for Halloween.

Happy Star Wars Day.  And as always, May the Fourth be with you.

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