Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in a name

"Your people will be my people and your God my God." ~ Ruth 1:16

Growing up I wasn't fond of my middle name. Truth be told, I hated it.  I went to elementary school in the 80's, well before Biblical names became trendy. Also, my brother was fond of equating the name with the sound of a dog barking, or the sound of throwing up.  Or the sound of a dog throwing up.

Starting somewhere around fifth-grade until high school graduation, I denied having a middle name at all.

My birth certificate contradicted me.

It clearly states that my name is Kristen Ruth Walker.

I come from a family of strong, stubborn, passionate women and Ruth Huddleston is no exception. 

She raised six kids one of whom she had to bury far too young, something a mother should never have to do. 

She was thankful for what the Lord blessed her with, even during those times when it seemed she had very little to be thankful for. 

She could fry anything and she did. 

When you came to her house, you never left hungry and God help you if you wore your hat at the dinner table. 

She loved Jesus and would tell you so unashamedly and frequently. 

She loved her family. And there were a lot of them to love. She loved them even when they hurt each other, and even when they hurt her. 

When you argued with her, you should probably prepare to be wrong, even when you were pretty sure you were right. 

She prayed for people she knew and for people she would never meet this side of heaven. She believed God would answer. Every time.  

Grandma Ruth went home to be with Jesus today. 

I couldn’t be more proud to share her name.