Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waiting for Sound Theology

In the midst of this holy season I thought I would share with you some theology from a person whom I am quickly learning may be one of the great spiritual minds of our time; my five year old daughter.

The following are excerpts from conversations that have taken place between me and my daughter over the past year.


Me: Possum went up to heaven to live with grandma.
AK: Why?
Me: Because Possum was very old and grandma wanted to have a cat up there with her.
AK: Oh. Does God have a place for all the animals to sleep in heaven?
Me: Yes, I think he does.
AK: Who's going to die next? You or daddy?
Me: *pause* Well, only God knows that, but I don't think either one of us will die for a long time.
AK: Okay. Does God feed the pets in heaven?
Me: I'm not sure.
AK: Well, if God doesn't feed them, who does?
Me: I don't know. I'm sure somebody feeds them, or maybe God does.
AK: How tall is God?
Me: How tall do you think He is?
AK: About as tall as daddy.


Me: And on the seventh day God rested.
AK: So He could let Jesus do all the work?


This conversation was with my dad, a pastor of 40 years.
AK: Someday my mommy is going to die and go to heaven.
Pops: Yes, she is.
AK: And Pops, you are going to die and go to heaven.
Pops: Yes, I am.
AK: And I am going to die and go to heaven, and Nana is going to die and go to heaven, and my daddy can ride a bicycle standing up.


Me: What did you learn in church today?
AK: God lives in heaven. And sometimes Oklahoma.


Me: Jesus was born just like you and your brother.

AK: He has a mom?
Me: Yes.
AK: But He is God's son?
Me: Yes.
AK: Well that doesn't even make sense.
Me: I know it's a little confusing. Jesus is God and He is also a person, just like us.
AK: I mean. How did he . . How was he even . . . How did he . . . How was he even born there.... without a nursery?


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  1. So adorable! One of my friends with whom I taught Sunday school had an imaginative 5-yr-old daughter that said God wears a tee shirt with a rainbow on it and sits Indian-style eating "pointy ice cream cones!" Miss you. Kayla P.