Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waiting for Thanksgiving; TV Tray Style

What We're Thankful For on TV
The following is a cross post on Joe Jenkins' blog joeonthetube. Richie and I contribute a His/Her Grey's Anatomy Wrap Up to joeonthetube weekly.

HERS: Tony’s truth serum induced rescue of Ziva on the season opener of NCIS.
HIS: I absolutely love NCIS. The season opening was pretty great.

HERS: The Good Wife.
HIS:: Have never seen The Good Wife – don’t need to, I already have one (Love ya babe).

HERS:Tom DeLay’s broken whatever that finally bumped him off Dancing With the Stars since the judges were apparently too dumbstruck by his ridiculous old man Republican hip shakin’ booty to do it.

HIS: Ok, I’ll say it, I’m ok watching Dancing With the Stars – the women’s dance outfits are worth the time.

HERS: My husband doesn’t watch NASCAR.

HIS: I don’t get NASCAR – go straight, turn left, go straight, turn left – um, ok?!

HERS: Phineas and Ferb.
HIS: Phineas and Ferb.

HERS: Our daughter has finally outgrown Noggin.

HIS: Unfortunately, she’s picked up watching videos on CMT with her mom. :-/

HIS: PBS is now on our radar again.

HERS: There are only a few weeks when the Mavericks and the Rangers overlap. Even fewer since the Rangers blew the last half of the season. (I’m not saying I’m thankful the Rangers blew the last half of the season. I was rooting for them. But come on, how freaking long can one season be? Oh wait, that question can be answered by the NBA.)

HIS: Yep, I love watching sports on TV

HERS: Grey’s Anatomy is good again.

HIS: Grey’s Anatomy is good again.

Popcorn for Thanksgiving isn't so hotImage by Lorianne DiSabato via Flickr

HERS: That we only have one TV in our house and I am frequently reminded of the depths of my husband’s love. Case in point – last night, he watched Donnie Osmond take home the Glitter Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, even though the Mav’s were playing. I’ll return the favor, of course, when I watch seven football games with him on Sunday. But that’s why God created DVR. Which I’m also thankful for.

HIS: Yep, I love watching sports on TV

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I'm thankful for DVR, too. I'll never not have it again!

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

    - the other Kristen